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Any interest in trading either just the Page LP, or both the Page and Studio? I have a really nice Rocketfire Strat, also a gorgeous Guild acoustic on Reverb:

Hey it's Mike. I'll be at the show tomorrow and I'll be in jeans and a black leather jacket, and a beige NatGeo cap on. Say hey if you see me.
Cool man. Not sure if I'll make it out, but I'll be sure to keep an eye open if I do.

Hi Peter ,

I'm a new member here from Finland . Goocarts SG model looks very good and clean 3D model and I'd like to have a look at it . I use Rhino when I have to build something in 3D and I'm planning on building Les Paul for CNC router . Probably going to build SG first to get familiar with the CNC router . Let me know if you can share it .

Thanks ,
Hi E - I'm interested in your ReWinds. If you have a chance, could you please let me know whether you had any issues with them at all? I'm looking to put these in a Gibson 2016 Mike McCready VOS R9, which has burstbuckers that I find a bit too aggressive and compressed. I like a more open, clear tone that has nice note separation even when overdriven. Thanks in advance for your time. Best, Eric
I bought ProBuckers from China with the Push/Pull Pots and now it has the same pickups and electronics as the new Epiphones. I customized the pickup guards and pick guard. cost around 60.00 dollars for the pickup set. Why buy a new one just to get the electronics. rather upgrade Old Faithfull
This is your "used to be" friend and a person who thought that you were "real". Rednefceleb. Where have you gone? Are you afraid to meet musicians who are coming to Nevada? I don't have to visit you when I come up to South Shore. That's O.K. I'll still come to jam with people that I knew back who are still game to play, There are many places to visit and enjoy the art of playing. Bye Greg.
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Look up 'Valery Vaschenko" on Facebook and you can see some of his work. He makes a great 59 LP, 58 V and 58 Explorer. He has about a 1.5 year wait now. You can ask for information on Facebook. Good luck

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