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Ha ha. I just noticed we have the same avatar!
Have you had it a while?
I just added it as mine about a week now.
Ha! that's funny. Yeah this has been my avatar for a while. Prior to that it was a some other similar type of thing. I actually should change mine again. I don't really have an attachment to avatars....I'm just lazy.
Guy's I got a 1999 Les Paul Standard Serial: 91949553 Built in: 13 July 1999 (serial: 553)
(Manufactured in Nashville or Memphis. I think it came with 90R and 91T pick-ups.
I do not see any like my on the web. It's Black with a White pickguard. All Gold hardware to include machine heads. Any info on my Ax?
One can never have too many guitar brothers!
Thanks for the note and advice.

I agree. My saving grace is being a lefty and choices are limited or I would be guitar poor. :)
Eric how made is the crack on the 3 pup Greco poor Wulfman got his in yesterday and broken neck so Im still searching Thanks Frank
Hi Frank,

The cracks look like only finish to me. Also got that one from Wulfman a few years back.


Dude...i want this pedal! can I PayPal $200 down, and another $200 next week?


Hello Victor

You have blocked my account for bringing up politics to reply to racism. I apologize. Could you please unlock my account its been more than three months.

I have a prototype Edwardscustom with the fret edge binding and ebony board. I don't think it is nitro though. I only happened to see your post on the side and thought I would mention it. I am far from home currently but might be able to send pics when I get back in a week or so.
Davy D
Sure send pics when you can. Weight is helpful to know too. Thanks!