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hey interested in the hague... whats the weight and serial number? you are original owner? any other info please send. thanks!
oh... i think i messaged you on reverb... its the same one and your selling this same 9lbs hague? thanks
ok.. saw you had another one but i think that one sold. thanks
Hi, are you interested in selling? I had mine stolen in 1977 from SF Bay Area gig. I bought it new at Leos music in Oakland, CA. This one looks like it. Only 50 or so made
Just a heads up . Your the 5th owner of those pearly gate pickups ! Covers have been traded back and forth between rbraad68 and his brother ... who drifts back and forth from Florida & Texas Once a day . I owned them at one point in 2020 . Just thought you should know .
Thanks for the info @grady31 .

So is there anything wrong with them?
hello! You are a conversion genius! I have two flying v conversion to norlin era. I want to know what you think of the Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded for a conversion. He has an ideal weight.
hey there, just wanted to ask you if you still have that 2019 Black Les Paul Black Beauty.. I just bought exactly the same guitar and waiting to receive it.. How do you like it since you got it? thanks!
Hi Eric, I'm responding to your post about an Eric Schulte Les Paul that you purchased back in 2021. I have one. And looking to sell it. Would you be able to share info on best direction to go in before posting it on eBay? My preference is to keep it local. Thank you for any help you can give, Judee
Hey Judee
You can always try selling it local via Craigslist or something like that. If that doesn’t work, Reverb or EBay would be your best bet. And of course you could always list it in the member classifieds here. Schultes are fantastic guitars and I know I love mine!
Hey man, i just created this account to contact you, just because I saw your reply on a custom lite LP Post from a few years ago. Luckily, i will be able to make contact. I have a few quick questions for you which could save me some big time and big bucks in upgrading my recently purchased custom lite LP.
This is what mine looked like prior to mods (it's not my actual guitar just the same model year). The mini toggle hole had to be drilled to a larger size in order to install the tone pot.

Thank you, man. This is very helpful!
Show me some pics of your guitar!
Have been tinning a few recently purchasedpick ups a tarback Iommi sig.& changing preamp tubes in my SL-X, MY latest experiences for this week .
Wish to find some band mates to jam with . Have had great experience with BARE Knuckles pig-90 & War Pig Humbucker & on a Humbucker setup I use an out of phase when in switch in middle position .
What is the reason I was banned? The Chibson joke post I did? I would love to have an answer as to why, but, no one in an administrative capacity will tell me. But, let's be real. If you are that butthurt over a joke then, well, kiss my ass. I've 24 guitars, 7 of which are pre-63 Lesters. Also, grow up. Lastly, and this is the best one: I am a paying member here. This is a burner account. Lol.
Hey there. Are you still active on the forum?
I bought that '81 Standard you posted a couple of years ago.
Its a great guitar and it would be awesome to get some back story on it.
dude i have been playing a 3100 agile les paul for 10 years t think that they are twice the guitar an epiphone is i did modifie the agile semor duncan pick up and all gibson pots and wires and switch iet a old time gibson lp player check it out he said it is way better than the new gibson les pauls that they are making these days new lp s are crap. Larry B

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