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Hey Alex - this guy is a scammer. Tried to sell me a 1968 Les Paul Custom for 2000 dollars. Says he bought it 6 years ago but I know the guy who actually sold this guitar.. and he sold it 4 months ago. Just a heads up. I have a million texts from him asking if I am going to buy it or not.
Good Evening,

I am wondering if you would mind sharing your vectorized copy of the drawings. I am having a heck of a time modeling it myself.

Thank you
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Hi there, I’m interested in putting in split diamond inlays on a fretboard. The neck is set, it has the big block inlays (Epiphone Sheraton) rosewood fret board.
I could either take the blocks out, put the inlays In and fill the extra space with prices of rosewood, or I could just change the fretboard itself to one with the split diamond inlays. What do you guys think I should do?
(Aside from leaving it as is)
“If there is nothing you can do about it, why ruin an otherwise lovely day?” — Betty White.
What part of South Carolina are you from buddy :?
BTW ,, My wife said she doesn’t have to worry about woman taking me home to undress me ,, now they want to dress me and send me back out in public !!
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Yes ,, We played a lot in 2021 ,,, we have a couple in the books already for this year as the Spies ,, I have two this month with the acoustic duo Wood’n Nickle

We are shooting for a full band gig in Summerville this Spring if you want to make it a long weekend ,,, once I get the ate , I will pass it on to you ,, Good hours actually ,,,t a 6-9:30 hours gig at a Microbrewery …
That sounds good. Man, I am hoping for a much better year.
Hey there. Apparently my account was hacked. Do whatever you have to do to get any monies returned from PP or however you paid for whatever you paid. I just changed my password. So sorry about this.
Thanks, Joey. All I can do now is see if my bank can help. PP won't.
I can’t believe PP doesn’t have some kind of buyer protection. Call me. Too much to type. 3472668801
VictorB banned me for the same thing. Anyone who isn't toxically immature = instant ban, but the right wing trolling/bigotry that provokes others is not only allowed, but he encourages it and does it himself. The backstage section is infested with it, it's his own little emotionally stunted boys club. And these authoritarians claim they're defenders of free speech, against "cancel culture"... I joined Les Paul Forum.
IDK if you have any power as a Gold member, but I'm still banned for having the wrong opinion in that thread.

Did you ever used to jam at the Gas Pump in Edmonton on Saturday afternoons?

Looking to buy a Slash Chibson Snakepit with cobra inlay. Serious buyer Please contact ASAP if you have one to sell.
Right or Left Handed.
Ben, question? I came across your post about your Slash Snakepit guitar. Would you ever think about selling it? I'm looking for one and a very serious buyer from Florida I'm also a Lefty. Let me know. Thanks Damien.

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