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Hello Riscardo, I am new on the forum so there are rules and action i still do not know. I am very interesting in the crews maniac KTR selected 03. have you still the guitare available? do you live in London? just tell me if you receive this message as private and we can continue discuss. thank you very much. Mach stem
TO VOLUTE OR NOT ?just bought a 2011 reliced plek,d gibson lp tradtional. bust bucker tail / classic 57. no volute on gold top. 76 norlins lp /mini bucks. just sayin hello.
my trad lp volume on tail bucker has crap range like turn down to 4 before any change heard, has this orange drop in it also. whoever fixed pots befoire just made a mess. any how katz im chris /seasoned road dawg:jam:
I'm interested in your Jam City guitar. Can you give me a call?
Steve 707-888-7444
Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach
Hi, Is it still for sale? If so, call me again when you get a chance.
Don't know if its a problem or not, but when rolling down the volume pot, the impedance increasing, then doubles, and around 6 and below the meter not measuring anything (with both pickups separately). Is it a wiring problem, or a failing pickup?
Hi everyone! I'm looking for some answers about T-top pickups. I have a '78 LP Custom with stock pickups, changed pots (500k s). The bridge pickup is very thin sounding and measures 1.1 kohms, while the neck is perfect, 7.44 kohms.
Hi Steve,
hope all is well in the Sonoran Desert Area
Banned for talking back to the HOA president private dave and proud of it. Guy needs a life evidently he is important only here
Does the forum still support RSS? Hopefully, if so what would be the URL for the RSS feed?
Hi Peter,

I am interested in one of your vintage LP peghead templates if they're still available.
Also, I was at Tom Bartlett's today and was inquiring if anyone makes a rule of 18 LP fretting template for use in a miter box like LMI.
He thought that you might have something.
Let me know.