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Does your thingy say:-
"I'm with the band" or "I'm with the banned" ???
John Vasco
John Vasco
:laugh2: It's the thing I have said occasionally when someone has seen me come off stage but didn't know what I played, or whether I was the roadie. So when asked: 'What do you do?' I always reply 'I'm with the band'. I have occasionally replied with what George Harrison once said: 'I'm just lead guitar and backing vocals.' It's also a nifty little number by 'Little Big Town:

Saw your post regarding Creamtone. I tried to order through Mark's Guitar Loft and I was referred direct to Lonnie. This was awhile back and my order arrived with no issues. If you experience issues or delays, I have an aged Creamtone jack plate I am not using. If you give up on Lonnie this one has your name on it. I am not using well, Johnnysliim.
Awesome, thanks!. My order was pretty recent, so I'm hoping it'll go without a hitch. I figure he doesn't have to do much work to send out a jack plate compared to building a harness.
Big Electric cat, i have a gold top and a maple flame top and they are about the same both with maple caps they sustain about the same IMHO it is combination of wood /pickups/ and weight relief or no weight relief . do you have other guitars not Les Paul /P90':acoustic:
Big electric cat
Big electric cat
Thank you for writing. Yes I have other Les Paul's. I don't have anything weight relived.
My heaviest Les Paul is a 94 Custom that weighs around 9lbs. The R6 in my profile pic weighs around 7 lbs. It's a Historic 56. I have FCS Teles and Strats.
And I believe there is no real difference between a flame or plain top.

Have a great weekend and stay well. B.E.C.
Is there a way someone with a lot more knowledge than me (which isn't much) could help me determine if this Les Paul custom is real?
I've done hours of research and just can't make a definite decision.
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where are the pics of the 335? i really want to see it!
Derek....I was asked as a favor to take it down. It apparently shipped too
Oh i see. No prob..Hopefully you can post at a later date. Cheers
Hi Hello ! Quite a bargain for your 60 ES335, I wonder if still available with your 16K 'Winter Special'? Many Thank, Michael
Hello ,
I am from Belgium .
I see that you have a Les Paul Yamano 2007.I can buy a LP Yamano but I am not sure if it's really a Yamano .The seller has the COA from the USA and some papers in Japan with the serial number but without a Y before the serial number .
So maybe could you tell me what's noted on your COA or other papers which may refers to Yamano ?
Kind regards
Do you still have the ES-275? Interested in selling?
I've actually got two ES-275s. I'm not looking at selling either. They are GREAT guitars! Here are mine:

They do pop up from time to time. I LOVE the Montreax burst. I've only seen that finish on a guitar in the Gibson bus.
Those are both gorgeous but that P90 just won't leave me alone. Congrats on being brilliant -- twice!

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