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My cherry burst standard was stolen so I bought a honey Burst traditional. Next thing you know I walk into the pawn shop and there's my cherry burst. So now jamming two Paul's, each has their own distinct tones. Loving booth!!
if you've played it and you loveit and can afford it I suggest you treat youself to your hearts desire buy it before someelse
takes her away good luck zdog
Hello Zoso.
I just saw that you asked about the prehistoric. It was on consignment at 12th Fret in Boise Idaho.
I wouldn't even bother asking about it though as the guy had it WAAAAAAY overpriced at $5,699.99.
The seller actually took it back but I am sure the owner could conect you two if you were Slash looking to pay anything to get a mid-80s prehistoric back. Ha ha ha.

Best regards,
Michael M.
I'm interested in this R8. How resonant is it? It looks a little orange in the pics. Is that it's true color?
It’s Cherry
Jon W

How does it sound when unplugged? Do you have a way to support the headstock so it won't break during shipping?
It sounds great!! It will ship in the case obviously, I detune all the strings to relieve tension on the neck and I wrap the headstock in bubble wrap and protect the fretboard with paper.
So did you by WC guitar neck and build your own body or did you have WC just build one for you? You’ve had some other really nice stuff for sale too in the past!
WC? My shop is RC Guitarworks and I built both the body and neck on this one. Thanks for the very kind words and for reaching out. Really appreciate it.
Al the best,
I have just finished reading the thread when you describe your CNC Les Paul build
First thing I would like to say is THANK YOU ! It adresses a lot of issues and will probably save me quite a few head scratches. I would like to ask you how did you obtain the data for CAD ? there a way I could perhaps buy them from you, since you were the one sharing info on the forum?
Jan Vlcek
any trade interest on the Friedman? got a good bit of stuff. thanks, Rich
I may...I was selling it to by a Bogner locally but the guy sold it already.
Looking for anything specifically ? Although I don't have any Bogner's
interested in tube heads...possibly a guitar + cash. Old school rack gear (marshall JMP 1, ADA)
I am quite convinced that the Gibson truss rods always have been straight and NOT curved. I made the truss rod in my bass curved, but straigt in my guitar. The Straight rod worked better, the curved type required far nore tension.
Interesting, I’ve seen a Fender neck cut down the centre in real life and in photos but not Gibsons. I just do mine like Fenders and they work fine

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