You fellas are going to cost me a lot of money!


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Jan 24, 2010
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I started gathering parts quite a while before finding this forum and have been taking some pics as I go but haven't started posting the build thread because it is going to be a very slow build.

I bought a pre-slotted and routed rosewood fingerboard and some cheap inlays not thinking about the fact that they weren't MOP. The fb was routed before it was radiased and the inlays sank into the cut outs. I started to sand the fb so that the inlays were flush. All that did was scratch up the plastic and now I am going to have to buy some good inlays.

And tonight while leveling the mahogany body to get it to the correct thickness, my routed died!

I'm sure this is only the beginning but I'm looking forward to working on my buildas well as working (or reworking) a LP Junior type guitar I made in high school many years ago. I'm converting it from a single cutaway to a double cutaway with a flamed maple top.

There are a lot of great builds going on here and you guys are really inspiring me as move forward with my builds but these extra expendatures aren't speeding this up any.

Thanks for everything.



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Feb 5, 2011
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Hey Barry,
No such thing as too many build threads - go ahead an post your progress to date. Re: the inlays - not sure what you meant by "the inlays sank into the cutouts" - nonetheless, you should be able to sand or scrape the plastic flush. If you are set on getting MOP have a look at the DePaule site for some excellent quality MOP. Also, see if you can find a used router and save some $$$ - usually lots to be found on Craigslist or similar....(or maybe your router only needs a set of brushes....)

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