You believe in ghost?


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Mar 19, 2008
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I'm pretty sure that I have acknowledged this at least three times in this thread. None of this changes the fact that he who proposes a claim has the obligation to give evidence for it, and that the stranger the claim, the stronger must be the evidence.

That has never really been necessary historically...or even at the present time. Reality is that you do not need to have evidence necessarily to have a theory become part of orthodox belief. Just a powerful name and financial backers. By the same token (more to our point), heaven help you if you attempt to challenge the orthodoxy. There are situation after situation throughout history where the result is often public humiliation and and end to your career...regardless of what your research or facts say.

My point regarding to spirits, ghosts, etc. is that this is something that just runs so counter to orthodoxy that ever even being able to research it or address it becomes impossible. Historically it has been done. Read about (as I menioned before) the work that William and Henry James and some of their other scientific friends did. They could do it because of their status in the scientific community, but at incredible costs. They actually had some interesting findings...but you would never, ever hear about that unless you really were digging, and their work remains largely in the dust bin of scientific history mostly because of the incredible prejudice that exists...not because the work wasn't valid. we have TV shows that attempt some of the same. Do they debunk? Yup. A lot actually. Very often they debunk all claims and find nothing to support any paranormal activity. Other times, as in my own experience...they find a lot. Proof? Sort of. Is it real research? Maybe no. But how in the hell could that ever really happen? How could you fund it, publish it, get support to do it, etc.? This has always been the case. My hope is that with the impact that all of the new Quantum theories and approaches, some of that will change as it may help open some doors. Time will tell.

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