Yari trickle down = Alvarez goodness

Easy as 123

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Nov 8, 2020
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At least that's the way I've viewed things ever since stumbling across a used 1978 Alvarez 5022, which left me wondering whether the big A headstock logo stood for Abracadabra. Cuz it's magical, when compared to a Taylor Big baby, 110, 210, and similar. I own better acoustics, but I don't any that sing so well under $1,000.

This 1971 Alvarez 5014 is fantastic for fingerstyle, incredibly light and resonant. Bell like mids, balanced just a lovely daily player. Found her last week and claimed her for $160 w original chipboard case. Been working on the top the last few days. Very rough, dry, finish cracks etc. Lots of polishing, tho I'm retired so grinding like this ain't bad.


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