X-Tone PA-1: Info?


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Jan 24, 2017
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A couple of years ago I bought an X-Tone PA-1 semi-solid body acoustic guitar. I'd never heard of them until I found this one, but it's basically the same as the electric version with a flat top and sans humbuckers. It had a compensated nut (that had the high E slot broken). It plays nice and sounds great with the B-Band electronics.

This one has no stamped serial # and no branding other than "X-Tone Paramount Series." No label in the F hole, no stickers in the control cavity. There's a piece of paper Scotch-taped to the back of the headstock with "Crafter C0xxxx" handwritten in ink.

I've looked around, and every other one I've found has the ESP logo and a serial# on the back of the headstock.

My questions: Could this be an early prototype? A trade show demo? Something completely different?

I didn't buy it as an investment, I just liked it and was in the market for solid acoustic. I did get a great price on it, by the way. ;)



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