WTB - Marshall 1960B/1982B - Not too nice..


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Feb 5, 2014
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I'm on the hunt for a Marshall 1960B or 1982B cab.

Here's what I 'm looking for, specifically:
-1972-1974 (plastic corners prefered)
-Original Tolex (small tears, scuffs, bare wood OK to a degree)
-Original large Check grille (no major tears)
-Original Speakers (I could stomach a proper re-cone or two)
-Original wire (not a deal breaker)
-Homa casters would be nice, Gold!

Besides being original, I'm looking for one that's been around the block, and may look like it.
I'm trying to match the current 1973 1960A cab I have.

I know this is a tall order, but I'd be willing to pay for the right one. I can send a pic of my current one if anyone wants to see, I don't think I can post it here with Photobucket.
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