WTB: Gibson Les Paul Special or Junior in White!


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Apr 18, 2022
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Wanted: A Gibson LP Junior in White. Ideally I’m looking for the limited edition “Nashville” series that had a faded, non-glossy finish and the flowery pickguard, but I’m open to other models.

Must have a slim or 60s neck profile and a bridge P90.

Preference for faded finishes and doublecut bodies. That said, I know this is a pretty narrow target so I’m open to two-pickup Special models as well as single cut bodies.

Not looking to spend Custom Shop bucks, as I have an Eastman that kicks all kinds of ass and am looking for something with a slightly thinner neck.

Let me know what you have, what kind of condition it’s in and what you’re looking to get for it and we’ll strike up a deal!

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