WTB: Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie, a guitar from 1983, and a historic LP


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Feb 29, 2012
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Hey gang, I am looking to buy the following:

1) a lightly used Brownface Deluxe clone such as the Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie or similar. I'd buy the real deal vintage Brownface Deluxe if the price is right as well so feel free to shoot me a message either way. If we're going the vintage route I'd consider ANY true vintage Brownface (Princeton, Concert, etc...)

2) A birth year guitar. I would consider any Les Paul and/or Strat from 1983 if it plays well and the price is right. I prefer flamey tops, and non-opaque nitro based finishes but we can talk depending on what you got. I am ONLY interested in 1983 models.

3) A Gibson Historic Les Paul <$3k. Prefer R8 or R9. The flamier the top the better but if the price is right a plain top is fine.
- no gold tops
- no VOS treatment
- no relic jobs
- no Chambers/weight relief (only want solid body)

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