Wiring Roadblock, Volume/Volume/Tone (Split/Split/Phase) (3-way)


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Mar 28, 2008
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Surprisingly not yet(Or at least 1 is..) I couldn't let my guitar sit, so I sat down, rewired it according to my diagram. It works. Except one of my Volumes is not working as well as it should (doesn't go to 0 fully, and is gargle mess until about 9.5. I also have a lot of noise becasue I am getting interference from the fact I had to plop my output into my tone becasue the length wasn't long enough.

I hope the volume issue is due to some solder joints being whacky.

Yes, I think I will, New wire, new pots and so forth. I made a mistake of accidentally buying stereo pots a well... so go figure, I was a bit of an inexperienced idiot.

And these pots are audio taper, not linear. I think that's wrong too.....

Could be, I kept forgetting to use the "inside' nut for the pots....
Audio taper pots are what's normally used in guitars, that is what I use in all my builds. They have a smoother roll off. *Linear pots will act more like an on off switch.

The more you do, the better you will get. Learn by your mistakes, it's all part of the process.


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Dec 28, 2010
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So I got more wire, I got the new pots. I'll be trying to do the same diagram I did originally, here's the layout with my wire colors. Does this seem to make sense? It's a based on the SD diagram from the first page.


I fogrot to draw ground, as a result when I completed the diagram, the volume didn't go to 0. I fixed that. Now everything works. A friend had helped a lot by teaching me how to do it and did some neat wiring with me. Worked second try once we added the grounds to the volume pots.
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