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Feb 5, 2009
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2 CTS audio taper full size 500K volume pots.
2 CTS linear taper full size 500K tone pots.
2 Sprague .022 Orange Drop tone Capacitors.
Free treble bleed capacitors if asked for.
High quality three way toggle with black tip.
I find NO difference in quality or performance with this switch compared to Switchcraft, and it's my standard use three way. No complaints in two years of using them. and they save you a few bucks.
Switchcraft output jack.

This harness utilizes two conductor shielded wire with rubber coating for all the runs from pots to switch to output jack.
the ground wires are silver stranded teflon coated wire.

It is wired vintage style with the caps connecting the tone and volume pots.
this is claimed to bring life to your pickups and add superior tonal pot performance.

People argue.. so I just report. I like it!

it's all mounted on a hard card, soldered up and ready for your pickup leads and bridge/tail ground.

plastic tie downs are used at key points for stability.
the ground and the tone cap leads are slighlty long.. so you can compress or stretch the harness enough for it to fit any brand with this configuration without breaking anything.

this can be duplicated for korean samick sheratons with the small f holes.. using mini pots.

the card can be used over and over.. or you can loan or sell it off.
lp harnesses, same price.
custom harnesses available on request.

48.00 plus actual shipping: *boxed, padded.. carboard tubes over each pot shaft and switch shaft, extra padding over the back side.
Mallory (same price) or OIP (upcharge) caps available.



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