Wild Boar hybrids: invasive porcine apocalypse or the new Canadian bacon?


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Oct 13, 2007
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"Pretty much everywhere else the pigs are found, they’ve created problems."

  • The Number of the Beast - These feral fugitives can weigh up to 600 pounds or more, and sport sharp tusks and bristly coats over thick, warm fur. They are reproducing rapidly and their range is expanding. As they spread, they sow environmental destruction, plowing through crops and grasslands, causing erosion, displacing wildlife, harassing livestock, and eating just about anything.
  • Keep your wives and daughters safe - They readily interbreed if given the chance.
  • More urgent than 'Climate Crisis' - “We should be worried, because we know the biology,” Brook says. “They're called an ecological train wreck for a reason.” - Believe the science: someone alert Greta!
  • Blackface Trudeau ignores the threat - people [are] concerned about the lack of a comprehensive plan to reduce their numbers in Canada, despite some initial efforts and meetings—lots of meetings. Without concrete action, time may be running out to turn back the wild pig tide. “Meetings don't eradicate wild pigs” - Come now, Aladdin, no Genie will save us!
  • Alert the CDC: potential for zoonotic transmission. Is Canada is the next Wuhan?! ...experts have raised concerns about potential infectious diseases that could be passed back and forth between the animals. Avoid Saskatchewan Wet Markets!
Hard to track hidden threat: crafty enemies employ camouflage for shelter...

Before this menace heads south of the border and into the US, should we build a wall...
and make Canada pay?!


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