Why worry about your gear being stolen?


Jul 17, 2014
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If any of my stuff were stolen, my insurance would cover it. Why worry so much about your gear being stolen that you install cameras? Seems overkill unless you are at high risk of being robbed.

I am insured to the fullest! But I can understand your opinion if you have cheap guitars like MIM Fenders, Epiphones, or Hondos, because it wouldn't matter to someone who has cheap guitars or gear laying around. Also, my video and camera system cost me less than $600 and I pay no monthly fee, AND I get alerted via cell phone if one of my alarms goes off and I can look through the cameras with my phone, computer, or tablet and watch it all go down, (which I won't need to because someone is home 24/7 and I have a very hungry dog as well), but in case for some freak reason no one is there, I call my neighbor to wait outside with a gun until police get there! He knows about Texas Law protecting property! My insurance premium is also cheaper because I have survielence set up!

My guitars I have with the exception of a home made Fender copy I built back in mid 1990's, are not cheap Gibsons but they are not top of the line high dollar either, but they are worth a few thousand each according to what they are selling for now! My 1976 Firebird, was my very first guitar, (that I am resurecting from being busted up that no matter the amount of money, can't replace sentimental value on it, hence the reason I kept it all these years), my other 1976 Firebird I recently just purchased which is clean and unmolested, my first Les Paul Classic Celebrity Series, (only 200 made). I also have other high value Gibsons but I am not going to make a list of them all. I know some people may not think it is much, but insurance companies may pay what "they" think it is worth but finding an exact replacement may not be as easy if someone else has some real vintage gear.

I USED to have a 1964 unmolested undamaged Gibson Firebird at one time until I sold it as I needed the money at the time.

You don't have to live in a high crime rate area, criminals don't discriminate what area they hit or whom they hit.

Most burglers hit homes in 2 hour windows, between 8-10am in the morning when they know most people are on their way to work or just got to work and not at home, and they usually hit around 2-4pm because people are still at work, on their way home from work, which most people will stop by the grocery stores on the way home or stop in for happy hour. Rarely they will hit a home in the wee hours of the morning unless they case out a place knowing the residents may be gone out of town for a few days, etc.

Burglers generally won't hit a house outside of those hours I said because it is a more of a chance for them to be seen and/or get caught.

I have close friends and former Army buddies who are now and have been cops/detectives for quite some years now, and the criminals they have caught in burgluries, (that have been caught selling or in possession of stolen goods after the fact), have admitted hitting homes around those hours.

But it is up to anyone "IF" they want to protect their gear. As I said before, "IF" I ever become a victim of a criminal, day or night, I will have many good clear video and still images of what he looks like and I can assure you I will do whatever to catch them and get my gear back! And take them off the streets so they won't victimize someone else!

Good luck to you!

Tone deaf

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Apr 12, 2011
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I thought it had a "realtime GPS".. However, it will Broadcast a 100 foot Bluetooth signal to any other Tile users if it is marked as lost. If it is picked up by another Tile user, the last location will be marked on a map. The tile user that picked up your items signal will have no idea they just had a hit on your lost item. So you won't have a ton of people searching for your property lol.

It is heading in the right direction, but still not 100%. Maybe in a few years they will come out with a realtime GPS locator.


We developed a device, about the size of the tile and we can find it (within a few centimeters of its actual location) from miles away. It is an active device (the battery lasts 5 years) and it can be seen, even if it is inside of a metal case...

The last time I worked on putting a proposal together for a customer, I think we were willing to deliver 300 chips and the hardware for about $1/day/chip... (about $100k/year 'rental'). There was one big potential customer, with more than 300 global locations that has lots of expensive and dangerous assets. That would be a billion-dollar client.


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Jan 18, 2013
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I'm retired and always home. If they come in, i got'em right where i want'em. They'll need something they can drink thru a straw in jail..

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