Why I Love Mrs. Fezzi

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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I think it's wonderful that you did.

Riv I LOVE that picture. The grande Fezzi Ball. I'd play some BAD Link Wray. Then again All Link is BAD! Mrs. Fezz sends her love:thumb:.
What a great song. GREAT opening chord too.
Hell yeah B. people get BENT about Pages Blues Stealing? Listen to his phrasing. ON FIRE! Little 45 second storms. Albert King styled blues,But ALL Page!
Anyone who thinks you stink can F-off! :dude:
MM I play it up. EVERYONE loves Fezz Guitar. Some are just jealous:laugh2:
Good thread, and a great first post Timmay! Full of all things THE FEZZ digs... :thumb:

Great to hear about couples that have stayed together longer than, what, a year nowadays? :laugh2:

Much less 15...:hmm:

Best wishes to you and Mrs. Fezzi this year, and for the rest of your days together. :fingersx:

Wreck thanks. Mrs Fezz and I are are RIDING it out.we have STORIES! 15 years. She knew me when I was only FRESHLY washed up. I SWORE Fezzi would return. WHAT JUNK!:laugh2:

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