Why are the older "True Historics" worth more than the 18's & 19's?


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May 16, 2010
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If memory serves, the 2015 True Historic 9 had a MAP of $8999, up from $6499 of the 2014 R9.

Sellers are trying to recoup the premium levied on a TH. Individually, you may find a nice TH9, TH8 or TH7. You can say that of any Historic made. Whether the upcharge on a used TH is worth is paying for up to you and the individual TH for sale. Good examples of used TH9s are asking for about the same price as a new 2019 60th Anniversary R9. One may depreciate further; the other will certainly depreciate. So, you may be looking at about the same amount of depreciation at worst. At least you did not buy the TH new. Seek some solace in that.

Of course, a used R9, not a TH, may be the best deal going.

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