Who has shaved a neck and can tell about the results?


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Feb 23, 2009
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I'm not a huge big neck fan. My personal preference is .86 at the 1st moving to ~.93 at the 12th.

But I've had totally playable monster necks. My '04 CR was .95 at the 1st! However, that neck was a soft V shape with no shoulders to speak of. Gibson used the same shape on the Mod '55s.

Now I also recently sold a Worn '11 R7 w/mini humbuckers that had a neck that measured .92 at the 1st. For me that guitar was a chore to play. The shoulders on that neck were massive and intrusive. I seriously thought about a Bavarian makeover for that one but couldn't bring myself to mod a 'one off' Gibson as I figured someone would like the neck and bond with it.

So my point here is that there is far more to a neck than the depth at the 1st. I feel the shoulders play a much larger role in neck comfort for most.


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Oct 1, 2010
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The 1960 LP neck were made in part of complaints that the neck was to fat . So many great players have used slim/ slimmer necked LP's it's funny when they are put down ....

What did J. Page play ??? A slim neck 60 LP Custom ???? Oh yeah ,, for sissies ... and a '59 Shaved down neck LP ...

We like what we like ... If you have an issue with that . it's your problem , Not ours .... Can't find a Fat neck LP .. Maybe you need to look more . IMO , slim necked LP's are not made in numbers even close to R8 and R9 numbers . If you think a .900 -.920" (for a R8)@ the 1st. fret is small .....

After buying, playing and then selling my Fat neck LP's , I've found that .870 @ the 1t ., Is about the upper limit of what I'll play comfortably . After that , Just a waste of time and $$$$ ...
Shape has a big effect in the big picture also ....Huge shoulders can make even a slim '60's neck feel like crap too . It's not just the depth of the neck .

Gibson Loves you .... Fat necks = less work = higher profit margin .....


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Dec 17, 2008
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Why is everyone so scared of a chunky neck? Guitars with big necks sound better and are more stable. If you play one and give it a little time it has been my experience that most people will begin to love chunky necks and never want to go back. It's because of all you sissies that it's impossible to get a big necked R8 anymore.
Scared? No one is scared of big necks. Big necks don't sound better and aren't any more stable. If you learned to read you would have seen in my first post that I've been dealing with this guitar since 2009. I don't see it getting any better. I don't love chunky necks and I frequently go back to my Jacksons and Charvels and yes Ibanez guitars.


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Jan 26, 2016
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it's a preference thing....and a useless discussion if you think you are going to change someones choice most days....if you like vanilla ice cream and someone likes chocolate, you gonna sit there and tell them they are wrong?

like fat chicks or skinny chicks.....i prefer thin chicks but these days female and breathing qualifies...

you like skinny necks or fat necks....as long as it makes you happy go for it :cheers2:
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