Who Has My '75 "IC" MIJ Goldtop LP?


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Jan 5, 2020
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I regret trading my IC Les Paul copy for magic beans: the man said if I planted them... well you know the rest of the story better than me maybe.

So I am hunting - see the IC or CI logo below

Well, thanks to the stimulus predicated by the Batflu Lockdowns, I am looking around to spend foolishly to locate the Missing Stink.

It is a Made In Japan bolt-on neck style Les Paul gold top.

White binding on the neck, super-thin neck, headstock logo says "IC."

Or "CI." I'm not sure, its where a capital C is bisected with a larger capital letter I.

It came with a gold plush case common to the era, when Jap guitar cases were black tolex plywood assembled with aluminum case bead edges.

This most likely meant Crown Instruments, the brand by Crown Jewelry and Pawn in Pasadena. The one that's been there forever.

I once thought it to mean "Ibanez Corp" but now believe it to mean Crown.

So does anyone know about such a thing?

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