Who designed the Epiphone Valve Jnr amp?


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Sep 10, 2021
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No mention on "who" or place of manufacturing

The Epiphone Valve Jr. version 1 combo was released in 2005 as a part of Epiphone's line of amplifiers. In January 2006 a head version was released and also a version 2 combo. In June 2007 an updated head version and a version 3 combo were released. The first Epiphone Valve Juniors (version 1) were only combo amplifiers and received only a fair reception, due to such problems as buzzing and hum caused by the AC filament voltage. Epiphone then released a head version, correcting these issues and changed the AC filament voltage to DC voltage. Version 2 combos also featured these modifications. The version 1 and version 2 combos feature an 8" 4 ohm Ceramic speaker.

Epiphone released Combo version 3 and a newer version of the head with higher retail prices and feature a variety of tube brands based on availability including Electro-Harmonix, JJ, and Sovtek. The newer versions of the head and version 3 combos feature updated transformers with 4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs and the version 3 combos feature an 8" 16 ohm Eminence Lady Luck speaker. In 2007, Epiphone released a speaker cabinet that can be used with the Epiphone Valve Junior, featuring a 1x 12" 16 ohm Eminence Lady Luck speaker rated at 70watts RMS.

  • Combo version 1 has front panel stripes that run along the centre of the front panel and has a 4 ohm output only and an AC filament voltage.
  • Combo version 2 has front panel stripes that run along the top of the front panel and has a 4 ohm output only and a DC filament voltage.
  • Combo version 3 has front panel stripes that run along the top of the front panel and has 4,8 and 16 ohm outputs and a DC filament voltage.
  • Head only versions have 4,8 and 16 ohm outputs.
  • Early versions mainly have Sovtek tubes and later versions have a variety of tubes such as JJ, EH and Sovtek tubes.
As of summer 2012, these amps appear to have been dropped from the line. The Amps page no longer exists on the Epiphone website.

I got a v3 valve Jr I’m gonna start mods on it. I found the Hammond output transformer online but Anyone know if Hammond still has a power transformer and choke available for the vj? And if so what model #s?
Secondary question, would the power transformer and choke really make that much difference for the cost? I’ve heard most people say the output transformer is really the important one but I don’t understand why


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Apr 1, 2011
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Output transformer is a direct part of your output signal path, so it can definitely affect the quality of the output.

The original Power transformer of the Valve Jr.s was sort of a weak link, but they improved them by V3. The Choke was a filtering "upgrade" on the power supply side.

Amplified Parts had a lot of parts available. Antique Electronic Supply was also a very good source for parts. Also sold good chassis.

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