Which GFS Mini should I go for?


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Dec 24, 2010
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So I bought a PRS SE Soapbar II in Vintage Cherry finish used a couple months ago at a local GC. I liked the feel of the guitar, and the tone of the P90s, but have found that the P90 really just doesn't do it for me with my own material. As a guy on a tight budget, I can't just buy guitars right and left to fit what I do, and I don't wanna sell and eat a monetary loss in the end. I currently use a stock PRS SE Singlecut Trem in Drop C# tuning, a stock PRS SE Singlecut in Drop C tuning, and a PRS Tremonti SE (that has been loaded with the same pickups as the other two) in Drop B tuning. I want to use the SE Soapbar II as a backup for C# or C, seeing how my band will only play one song in B live.

The pickups in these guitars all have Alnico magnets (I believe A5) with DC resistances of roughly 10k in the bridge and 9k in the neck. So, I was looking at GFS pickups for a bridge mini, seeing how I got a good result with the Vintage Split I put in my Strat, and started looking at either the Mini 59 (8.8k) or the overwound Fat Mini (12k). I'm only planning to replace the bridge pickup because (1) if it sucks, I'm not out too much money, and (2) I don't use the neck pickup much anyway.

I want to know others' opinions on these 2 specific pickups, and what you guys think would be the most similar in output to my other guitars.

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