Whats the buzz?


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Jan 12, 2013
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I am having some trouble with circuit hum/buzz on a 335 knockoff to which I installed new pups and a redid the stock cheap wiring.
I rewired using 22 awg shielded cable with new pots and capacitors and a treble bleed using a resistor and capacitor (150k and.001 uf cap). I was very careful with my wiring and soldering and received lots of great info from this forum before attempting the rewire.
The problem I am having is with circuit buzz/hiss when connected to an amp. I have tried to limit the possible causes of the buzz by using a process of elimination.I have tried two different amps and they both produce the buzz. I thought it might be wiring interference in my house but I don't get any interference when I hook my electric acoustic up to either amp. I even made a mock up volume pot, tone pot and input jack that I attached to a board and which I used to test various capacitor values. I get the same circuit buzz whether my pup is wired into this mock wiring harness or it is attached to the harness in the guitar. This makes me think that the problem is in the way the harness was wired. The only thing I did differently with my wiring harness was to make a quick connection from the volume pots to the pups. I actually found the info here on the forum for that type of connection, wherein I used a Dean micro connector (very small with a gold lead). I did this meticulously, as I also tie flies for a hobby and an accustomed to working on very small objects. I thought this mod would make it easier if I ever wanted to change the pups again, as I would not have to take the wiring harness out through the f holes. I put this connector about 6 inches from the volume pot connection which was conventionally soldered using braided cable shield ground to the back of the pot and the hot lead to first lead on pot. I don't believe this connection is the cause of the buzz because when I attached the old pickup directly to my mock-up vol and tone pot and I still have the buzz.
I also attached my treble bleed circuit to my harness via the Frank Falbo type connection, that is where the treble bleed (resistor and cap in series) is connected from the middle switch lead on the vol. pot to the open (left) lead on the tone pot ( tone pot center lead = hot from volume pot; right lead= tone capacitor.) When I disconnect the treble bleed completely from my mock-up circuit the buzz decreases about 50%, but doesn't go away. I am at a loss as to what the problem might be. I have read much from this site, which has been invaluable to someone like me, including the info wiring problems and ground connections. My soldering skills are good and I don't believe I have any cold solder connections. The fact that I get the same buzz from my mock up harness (where I use lots of alligator leads to make the connections to hook everything together) and the harness installed in my guitar makes be believe the buzz might be from the way the harness is wired, which is presently modern style with the Falbo treble bleed added. Any help would be appreciated Thanks

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