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Nov 3, 2009
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Currently, my gibson stable includes a murphy aged JP #1 and a VOS #2 (though i will probably be letting the #2 go shortly).

although I love my #1, it occurs to me that it is its own distinct animal - its shaved neck and growly pickups are to die for but it is certainly a very individual guitar.

I am thinking about adding a guitar that might fill my GAS for a more representative '59 LP. The options I am trying to think through are:

- some form of an r9 (probably 2009 or later, as i like that neck profile a little more) and leave it stock

- some form of r9 and send it for a makeover to include neck shaping, top carve, and refinish

- Bloomie (aged or VOS)

- Pearly (aged or VOS)

I really like the tops of the Pearly and hear great things about them. I am a little worried about the SD pickups - would it be too much its own thing (like the JP) and still leave me wanting a 'traditional' PAF sounding '59?

Although the Bloomie is a signature model, i am guessing that its pickups (being BB) would be quite similar to a straight r9?

Any thoughts on what might be good to add next to get a little variety from my aged #1? I keep thinking I'd like some sort of gloss to go the complete opposite direction from the aged page top...but then i see some of these aged pearlys and they just look awesome!!

any and all thoughts welcome!!

PS i already know im an idiot for throwing away money on over-priced signature, or murphy aged, guitars...so dont need this to turn into the relative value merits of these guitars - thanks:)

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