What model of Grover locking tuners come on a Traditional 1965 Reissue?


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Oct 8, 2014
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Mods, move this to the regular LP forum please, as this is not a Historic issue...........


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Nov 19, 2020
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I'm back with an update. I contacted Grover (via the info graciously provided us by one of the many helpful people here. Look above) about my tuning peg that wouldn't lock. As noted above I got a reply within 1 business day, letting me know / /reminding me that Grover tuners are GUARANTEED FOREVER no hassle & that I could send it back to them, along with a piece of paper with some info they require, like my name, address, what's wrong with the tuner etc (all very simple questions) along with a person check or money order for $7.50 to cover their cost of sending my repaired or replaced tuner back to me.

That alone is amazing, but I sent mine to them right after Xmas & I had my new one in my hand in less than two weeks from the day it was mailed to them. That's less than 2 weeks door to door. For $7.50. One of those weeks the tuner was in the mail going & coming back, It's at least 2 business days each way. All I can say is GROVER IS THE BEST. Plus, I love these tuners. They look great & work great. Mine was damaged by the previous owner who put a 90 gauge E string on & then reeffed it down . The tuner still worked. The lock even worked without a string in there. Which is the whole point of locking tuners I guess.

Anyway. If anyone reads this thread in the future and they have a Grover tuner that's damaged, by all means, contact Grover on line & follow the instructions. It took me much longer to figure out what model my Grover Tuners are (which I could NOT have done without the help of people on this site, Thank you again.) than anything else. Looking back, telling them what the model is may not have been that important, since they would know for sure when they received it. You;'ll only have to pay shipping both ways (about $15 - $20) & be without a tuner for a couple of weeks.

Thank you again to everyone who helped me with this. The list is long & some people spent many days on this helping me. I have to give an extra special THANK YOU to Spartacus Slim, who did everything to help except fly to the US & replace my tuners for me! He helped me figure out the correct model of tuners AND found me the best price anywhere for me to buy my replacement set that I could install so my new to me LP wasn't out of commission for 2 weeks nor did I have to play it 5 string style while my tuner was off to Cleveland & back. Everyone who posted here was amazing. Helpful? YES. Critically so. GREAT info. Accurate, Concise.


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Jun 28, 2008
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1. 2013
2. Locking Tuners
3. Traditional

That would be a 2013 Les Paul Traditional Pro II

Regular Les Paul Traditionals have non-locking Kluson style tuners.

No Les Pauls were built from 1961-67.
There was actually a "traditionl LP" produced in 1961.

This is the late (RIP), Danny Gatton's 1961 LP Custom:

Just sayin'. ;)

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