What guitars did you buy in the past 12 months?


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Nov 25, 2012
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I bought one:


and was gifted another:



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Jun 29, 2015
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Fender Player Telecaster (sunburst, maple fb), PRS SE Sandard 24 (sb), Ibanez AG73 (sunburst), Ibanez Mikro bass, and Gibson J45 Standard.

Hmm, I don’t think I have an addiction.


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Apr 28, 2014
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I bough one as a complete (new) guitar knowing I would modify it. The other was always planned to be a Partscaster; an assembly job, but from a more basic level than my previous pre-finished one.

From this on day one:
Jag Floor low res.jpg

Electrics swapped out, pickguard, etc changed, Mid boost PCB installed and a Staytrem bridge. To be stripped and refinished in Candy Apple Red nitro sometime soon:
Jag 7 Low Res.jpg

And a collection of parts:
Neck after I finished it in tinted nitro, fitted tuners and bone nut:

Neck 14.png

To be attached to this body (currently stripped back to bare wood again as I wasn't happy with the finish):

Buffed (2).png

Nothing gone due to the situation, but I used the time to make some decisions about what to get rid of, so I'll be placing my adverts soon.


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Jul 3, 2011
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Picked this up the other day at a local pawnshop with a nice Gator hardshell case (the padded "softshell" if you will) with two Levy straps for a song!

I've already sold the case and straps and the guitar is basically now free with my math.

I knew my daughter would get a kick out of the color of the guitar and it was a more sought after older Korean model and not the newer Chinese version.

The frets are jumbo and the neck is a full width C and the dressing and nut is very well executed for an import.

Gave it a good scrub and setup and it plays wonderfully ! More spank and high end than a LP and still sustains well.

Pickups are decent at best. Neck is pure rubbish. I have a set of SD JB and Jazz that I will toss in and at that point replace the wonky 3 way with a good Switchcraft and toss in some decent CTS 500k pots.

Save for one tiny lacquer chip on the bass side top (luthier will drop fill and buff that out) its pretty much mint!

All in all a fun guitar that both the kids and I like.

Hamer MIK.jpg


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Jul 17, 2011
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@Slater529 provided you're willing, i'd be interested in your thoughts on Paul's guitar.

Also, should the opportunity arise, perhaps post some pics of its innards? Really interested in seeing how/what with it's wired, only pics i've seen thus far are from the SE variants*. Could be there's more folks interested in this.

* especially the switch, was surprised when i saw how the SE wiring goes.

My thoughts on the Paul's Guitar... Well it's a very, very good guitar and I'm quite happy with it. The attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. The fret work is perfect, sustain is off the charts, and it's quite resonant unplugged. Being a stop tail, it took a little longer for me to get it set up the way I like. But after a couple days of tweaking, playing, tweaking, playing... it's perfect. And intonation is as good as any of my guitars with adjustable saddles.

The pickups are simply amazing. Very clear and chimey sounding. The coil tap positions sound really good without a big drop off in volume. I especially like the neck pickup coil tap sound. It's very Strat-like... The Wind Cries Mary tone in spades. There's just not a bad tone in this guitar.

Playability is perhaps what I love most about it. Neck profile, frets, scale length and set up all combine to make it the best playing guitar I own.

Here's a quick photo of the control cavity, but to see what's really going on it might be easier to look at the wiring schematic linked below...



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Jan 31, 2011
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Zero guitars bought. Sold around $10,000 worth of gear though.


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May 10, 2012
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I went on a bit of an EBMM kick -- mostly all prior to EVH (and definitely all prior to the price craziness that followed for Axis and Wolfgangs after his death.) I bought a Wolf and then tried an Axis and liked the more traditional neck carve more...and fell in love with the EBMM necks in general. Now most of my guitars are EBMM. If there's an upside to quarantine craziness, I've found that I'm an EBMM fan but also, no longer experiencing crazy GAS. :)

#1 - EBMM Axis Blue Dawn - Loved the neck, loved the pickups, found out for the nth time that a Floyd just isn't my thing. Sold.

2021-03-26 14.58.00 copy.jpg

#2 Loving the neck but chasing the PRS Hollowbody and piezo sound. Ended up selling this one, too.

2021-03-26 15.01.10 copy.jpg

#3 - Picked this up in a deal that was too good to pass up. Sold it because like the Blue Dawn above, Floyds, no matter how many times I keep trying, are just not my thing.

2021-03-02 10.12.42 copy.jpg

#4 Picked this up as a nostalgia buy. Always wanted one and never pulled the trigger when they were new. Never really bonded with it and sold it a few months later.

2020-05-13 18.32.50 copy.jpg

#5 This one actually came before the Axis but just found the folder of pics. Loved the guitar...until I played an Axis. The Peavey Wolfs were great. I prefer the EBMMs more, though.

2020-07-23 11.29.08 copy.jpg

#6 Straight collector purchase - I'm a Phil Collen fan and stumbled on this at CMC's website one day in quarantine and called immediately and got it.

2020-06-01 12.46.06-1 copy.jpg

#7 Axis Hardtail - a pretty rare bird. This was where I started finding a home with EBMM and realized that they had reeled me in. I ended up selling this one because someone offered me a very nice sum for it.

2020-08-31 17.33.29 copy.jpg

#8 EBMM Axis SS 2007 LE hardtail in Blue Dawn. I love this finish. I snagged this one at a great price and it's my go to these days.

2020-09-24 19.38.21 copy.jpg

#9 EBMM Luke III in Fuschia Sparkle. I'll admit that the finish reeled me in, but the Luke has become one of my favorite playing guitars. I'm not sure why I never took my own pics! Still on the wall today.

G95310-front-xlarge copy.jpg

#10 Another EBMM BFR that I couldn't resist -- Steve Morse HH (#69!) in Tahitian Blue. I joke that this is the best Les Paul I've ever played. It sounds like my Standard but weighs less and the neck finish suits me more these days. (I'll never sell that Standard, though, for sentimental reasons.)

2020-10-17 13.01.17 copy.jpg

#11 - Axis SS BFR 2018. This has become another favorite. It cements that I love the Axis but need a hardtail or traditional trem. :)

2020-10-20 17.34.23 copy.jpg

#12 EBMM Cutlass RS - The continuing quest to find a triple single coil Strat I actually like and will keep. I think this one may win that contest.

2020-11-29 19.31.43 copy.jpg

#13 - Finally found the PRS HBII I wanted. I had one in the mid 2000s that I sold and regretted selling.

lw5iozrdjuh976j1lxnd copy.jpg

#14 - I may have a thing for purple guitars -- 2nd Luke III in Firemist Purple

2021-03-17 13.53.05-1.jpg

#15 - The most recent addition - EBMM Sabre in Pacific Blue Sparkle. This was another one I bought without having ever played the model...but I'm confident that I've found a winner. The pickups are outstanding and it's just fun to play.

2021-05-01 12.07.28 copy.jpg


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Jul 8, 2018
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Hmmmm let me think.....

Fender Dave Murray California stratocaster
Gibson gotm 40 flying V 1984 reissue silverburst
Gibson non reversed firebird Ferrari red Japan special ed.
Jackson juggernaut ht7
Aria pro ii U60
Crimson guitar les paul guitar kit
Custom made thin line telecaster body
Did i mis anything? :hmm:
Most i got in trades btw.

Yamaha R1

Jan 15, 2021
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I just purchased a Heritage H-150 Standard in Dirty Lemon burst. Waiting for it to arrive. I'll post some pics when it arrives.

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