What bugs me about some relics for sale.


I would rather be playing guitar.
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Jul 1, 2013
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My last (of 10) GMs gave me a beautiful Std. Premium Plus top in amber (I was leaving after 14 years, and had a baby on the way and it was a sweet gesture from a nice guy)....... that night the local bar was having it's weekly jam and we all went (like we always did - the "Gibson Guys" were known for partying and jamming hard)......

We were doing "Rock and Roll"..... I was doing the lead and smoking it too..... up on a chair, up onto a table.... the crowd is loving it. Then the table top broke from the center post and down I went....more like skiing down the table top to the floor.

I never stopped playing, never even lost my place.... it happened so quickly, but after the song was over I noticed a nice chip on the outside of the cutaway.... not only was I not pissed, to me it was a great reminder of a hellacious, fun night of beer and loud rock. Even if I had paid for the LP it (to me) was still RnR mojo. A battle wound, if you will.

Epilogue: Hated selling it when I did, but the Dad of a player in an East Coast band who just had their gear stolen purchased it for his son and I got to follow them online and see that guitar get more live action love (including on a street corner at SWSX)....I asked if I could buy it back but he said it had become his #1 and he wanted to keep it. I can only imagine how cool that bad boy looks by now.
Battle scars that tell a story are the best way to relic a guitar. I once threw my LP down in a fit of rage thinking the pickups were shot. Turns out a pedal on my board went haywire and killed my signal. It's a miracle the headstock didn't break. My telecaster has scars on the headstock from bashing cymbals during a particularly fun gig.


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Oct 21, 2015
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That's a load of crap.

A good relic job gives a guitar a warm, appreciated look. I believe it actually encourages owners to use guitars for what they were intended, making music. I'm a firm believer in this as are other members of MLP.

I've taken my appreciation for the relic'd look a little further than others, though. I recently purchased a brand new Ford Mustang GT and took advantage of a very limited Bullit relic upgrade option. I hate to admit the upgrade set me back an additional 6k, but Ford's attention to detail on the fender is simply amazing and worth every penny.



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Sep 26, 2009
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Says the guy with a glowing red guitar with a gold floyd rose... :laugh2:
yep a long way from a relic , so if it ever does look like a relic it will be from honest play wear .Not because I bought it that way so it would look like I play it a lot. I doubt it ever will look that way though cause I take very good care of my gear. Granted some of the gold is wearing off but that can't be helped