WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD - 1940 Gibson EH-185 lap steel and Dell'Arte acoustic guitar


Sep 27, 2012
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Like a lot of people I'm staying home, not much cash in the bank, and have lost my job. But I do have some time to record and I thought this song was appropriate. I still believe this is a wonderful world - we are just going thru a really hard time right now. Looking forward to us all looking back on this with increased wisdom, deeper character, and hopefully no loss in our families and friends.

I'm playing my 1940 Gibson EH-185 lap steel and comping on my Dell'Arte acoustic.

You can get the lap steel transcription/tab and the guitar chord changes/voicings I used HERE (just scroll down below the video on that page).

BTW, my lap steel is tuned to "Leavitt Tuning" which is named after William Leavitt (who headed the Berklee School of Music guitar program in the '60s). He was a lap steel player too, and came up with this tuning which allowed some really nice voicings without having to slant the bar. Low to high it's tuned C# E G Bb C D.

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