Wet-Bulb Temperature


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Apr 22, 2017
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Never fully appreciated this term till now,but,it looks like it will be another official temperature descriptor up here besides *current temp values* and *Humidex*.

The point at which the surrounding humidity is so high, sweat no longer evaporates to cool you.Could be any temp. from mid to late 70's and above.
. At this point,seek a cooling center. If you cannot...apply cold water to skin and fan the individual.Could be a grandparent stuck indoors, for example.Hydrate.

It's a Canadian issue this week,as the temp. reached 49.6C(121.3 fahrenheit)in Lyton B.C this week, and the town spontaneously erupted into flames(lightning strike),with still unaccounted lives lost.Additionally,the temp. plus humidity spontaneously killed dozens of people,many elderly, as the pacific northwest in BC. is largely without AC in most dwellings.never needed it before.It is a traditionally humid environment.

121.3 degrees is manageable...in a dry heat,but obviously still dangerous.you sweat,you cool.But in humidity approaching 100%, killer, very quickly
.Know your heatstroke symtoms.

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