Went to the fiestas today!


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Sep 13, 2009
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I took my son to the Fiestas de Santa Fe today. We had an awesome time! This was his first time at the event and he loved it! I had taken him to see the Fiesta parade many years ago when he was a lot younger, but he had never been to the actual Fiestas.

It was a great day for it also. The temperature was in the 80s, and partly cloudy, so the sun wasn't constantly bearing down on us. It was a very relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, unlike yesterday (Friday), when some SJWs started protesting, according to the local news.

There was great band at the bandstand, playing everything from country to rock to songs in Spanish (kind of our version of Tejano music). All kinds of booths were set up, selling everything from fine arts to fidgit spinners; and as always, the Native Americans were selling their hand-made jewelery under the 'portal' at the Palace of the Governors.

We had some roasted corn and then I bought a nice bag of beef jerkey and a fidgit spinner my son wanted.

Sorry in advance, I have no pictures to share. It never dawned on me to take a camera, and I'm one of the few fossils out there that doesn't have a cell phone with a camera!

Dun Ringill

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May 23, 2012
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I considered going. Had crap to finish around the house. Sounds like it was great!

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