Weber Mini Mass

Robert Parker

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Aug 3, 2010
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$80 plus shipping (probably about $10)

This attenuator functions perfectly and does a really nice job reducing the actual volume of your low-medium watt tube amp while getting really great tube overdrive. All attenuators cut high frequencies to some degree - that's the nature of the process. This one allows re-introduction of some highs via a switch. Also has a bypass switch and selectable impedance for different speaker loads.

Barely used. I am the second d owner. However, I bought it from a friend who didn't use it but a half dozen times or so with his Deluxe Reverb in his living room. I used it twice at band rehearsal. My friend is a country type player and wanted to keep a lot of high-end in his sound. I love how my amp sounded with this if the only thing I ever needed was the sound of a pushed amp, but it turns out I'm more of pedal-guy.


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