volumes interaction in middle position


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Dec 2, 2014
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I know the "phisics" behind why in middle position there MAY be some frequencies interaction / cancellation...

the question was why with the original pcb it was manageable as my other guitar w/ the same PU config, and now with "quality" components and '50 wiring the middle position become "de facto" unusable... with volumes at 10 the sound is dull and loudness way lower.. and if I put one of the volumes at 9 I will have no differencies between the the single PU at 10 and the middle position... likethe PU at 9 virtually disappear.

I know about pot tolerance too.. I said that they are crap because the seller GUARANTEE they are selected in order to have a matched 500k set... and he ask an extra fee for it....

anyway... I'm thinking to order a set of bureknuckle mules and I will buy a couple of 550k pots for the volumes too.

They. are different circuits, so they behave differently. Pretty simple math. I am Not sure spending more money will solve your issue, but hey it's your money. :D


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Jun 12, 2016
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I will not spend the money trying to solve this particualr problem..
Just wanna try a set of BK mules as lot of people tells wonders about them... and, at least here in europe, they seems good value for the money.

But honestly I can't find a video or a sample that fully convince me they will be much better of the actual 57/57 + combo.

many compare them to Wizz PAF, and you can find videos of those where they sound awesome... but actually the store is temporary closed and anyway it seems they are a lot pricey.

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