Vintage Gibson P90


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Oct 30, 2008
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I've recently become addicted to Juniors and P90 pickups. I love these freakin things and now have 3 of them , a cheap faded Single cut,a 57 historic and now a new 58 historic double cut Jr.

My 3 high end Replica Bursts and three other Historics have all been collecting dust .I wish I had discovered these Jr's years ago. I would have saved myself a boatload of cash too. :laugh2:

The first one I bought a year and a half ago and haven't put it down since .All the faded cheap finish is almost completely gone from the neck down to wood and the edges and top where my hand brushes is worn to wood as well . Just from a year and a half of play !!!! . It now looks like a well worn old friend. That gives you an idea of how much play its received.

Any how my question is about vintage P90's from the 50's. Although I like the stock pickups just fine , I read somewhere there is no comparison when it comes to original vintage P90's and was wondering if anyone else has used them in a Historic Junior and if you think the improvement is that drastic.

I'm thinking of buying a 50's P90 .They seem to sell quite regularily on the Bay for around $200.

All my other guitars have Lollars ,Wolftones or WB's and was wondering if it is as comparable an improvement as it has been to the stock humbuckers I've had ?

are the vintage P90's realy that much better than the modern stock Gibson P90's


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