Vintage 1960’s Gibson Byrdland, 350T or Trini Guitar Case For Sale:


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Mar 21, 2007
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This an early 60’s Gibson black case with the marigold (yellow) lining correct for the Gibson Byrdland, 350 T or the Trini series of Gibson guitars and most likely the Monkees guitar as well. As you cans see it is well worn and used and sold as is, BUT it is SOLID, structurally sound and completely working with no problems. All latches work fine, hinhes smooth and are in great shapes as does/is the inside compartment. It has been home to my 1960 dot neck 335, until I found a Lifton brown case for it. These are rare cases and with the marigold Les Paul cases seeming to be everywhere these days fetching $600 or more...these Byrdland and 350T cases form the 60’s with the marigold lining are hardly ever seen around.

Total over all length is 43-1/2 inches
Total length of body cavity from neck brace to butt: 25-1/4 inches
Total of the widest side to side: 17-1/4 inches
Total length of the next widest area is 13 inches
Width of the waistline: 12-1/4
Length of the compartment was 9 inches?
DEPTH: 2-1/2 inches on bototm and 1 inch depth for the lid.
and it has a small Gibson badge on the side of the case
Thanks for any help you can give me...

Asking $500


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