Vintage 1956 Goldtop With Cornell Dubilier Tone Caps


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May 5, 2017
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Like 61LPSG, my dream: due in large part to the aforementioned '53, early '50s P-90s are my favorite LP p/ups - and, as I am myself a '56 model, well.........
Great guitars. I’ve had a few standards and specials. I’ve been playing mainly with humbucking Les Pauls as well as Strats and Teles. This 56 Standard I acquired has renewed my love of P-90’s big time! They were sort of looked down on for years because of noise problems for recording. But the pick ups in this guitar aren’t really noisy at all, not even as much as a Fender pick up. Perfect combination of single coil high end clarity with a fat sweet midrange and warm tight bottom. I think they’re my new favorite pickups. Of course the Guitar surrounding them isn’t bad either! Ha ha!


Oct 23, 2009
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No doubt about that lots of inaccuracies and things that need to be updated on that site. Thanks for your interest. Here’s a similar Sprague version that has been seen in Gibson’s. Although I don’t believe they say Grey Tiger on them. Sometimes Gibson did parts sharing with the amp facility. Other guitar companies did the same. That is not my picture by the way, found it online View attachment 415861View attachment 415861
Lots of companies made similar looking caps in those days. Only one company stamped grey tiger on them

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