Vince D and I Discuss our Futures

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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"Tim here."
"Tim, glad to hear you."
"Vin, dark times need Angels of Light."
"Yes they do."
"So, THE FUTURE? I guess my plans for WORLD DOMINATION are put on hold.........maybe forever."
"Yeah.....feeling that way too-what are we going to do?

Vince is more F'ed up in the head than I am- can't work- 5/8 INSANE. He is my favorite living artiste. Great writer,guitarist,singer-a chip off the FEZZblock. I gigged with Vince's band=Age of Desire- WAY back in the early 90's. Vince is known to bleed onstage also- I was BANNED before he was from local clubs. He moved away for 20 years-resurfaced in 2017-BURNT- NO BAND- REALLY NO HOPE. I would pick him up-buy him food- talk him up= "V, forget DEPRESSION. I've been depressed for 40 years. I stopped."

I gave him THE SPEECH

"Guys like us? Ahead /behind the times. No pressure. LIVE 100% in a fantasy world. I do now. I'm actually almost "happy?" So, dust off-reform AOD-look , I'm white-haired- STILL the best- I even have a championship BELT."

I went into my trunk. Handed him the FEZZBELT.

Some will say- A kid's belt? Yeah REAL cool. They know nothing. CONFIDENCE BREEDS CHAMPIONSHIPS!"

Vin listened. Reformed AOD. We have some MEAN shows in the last two years-mainly playing for crickets, but, planting seeds.

" I think we are never going to play Philly again-DO NOT DESPAIR! I have BIG PLANS."
" Nice."
"First, we must finish "The Sun is a Ghost"- you will play FEEDBACK guitar on two songs<Vince is a master of feedback- pure waves of CHAOS> then 5-7 more albums =EXILE ON FEZZ STREET volumes? Maybe play some outdoor shows- I REFUSE TO PLAY INSIDE! Seeing masks will set me off!"

We then discussed spiritual matters>>>>>>>CENSORED>>>>>>>>> for 40 minutes

"OK come 2o25 I'm "releasing " Tommy+Shawn from their contracts. I will be DONE WITH R+R! I will give you and ChrisFezziwig my equipment. Mrs. FEZZ and I "EXIT" in 2027. You can "call on me" anytime you want- bleed on a plate and say FEZZ FEZZ FEZZ - I will appear. You EXIT in 2037- Chris continues on until ???????not sure-too far in the future!


"Alright, now that you understand. I will pick you up at 9 AM EST Saturday July 4th, bring your guitar-Tommy has a PAYING gig with his duo-no bass- three guitar and drums practice=LYNYRD FEZZ! How do you feel now?'
"Tim, I was ULTRA DEPRESSED before you mildly depressed...thanks I like your plans.'

"Thanks Tim, you are THE FEZZ CHAMP!
"AMEN , love you Vin."
"Love you Tim."

Chris<30 something + FEZZ< ANCIENT>+Vin-< 46>--------the youngsters will carry the BELT into the 30's-'40's-50's?


Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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^ 80% true. Now- ? NO GUITAR PLAYING-

going to argue Politics+Religion

with Mrs. FEZZ


Date nite Comedy/Historty double bill


Then- eat cereal........R+R!

What should you care what I'm doing-YOU SHOULDN'T -go start a garage band tonight- WORLD is starved for ART.
They are? Sounds good on paper---or what is paper sounds better. Here, learn this,easy song-buy booze-yell outside-DRUMMER-----DRUMMER===instant garage band.Play along in E screwed tuning.

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