Van Weelden Twinkleland


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Apr 7, 2013
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Up for sale is a Van Weelden Twinkleland that was built out of an early 70s, 100 watt, Fender Twin Reverb. Basically a complete rebuilt amp by Van Weelden but kept the vintage schumacher transformers, just like the original dumbles used. Sounds better than the regular twinkleland I had, original owner, never gigged.

Benefit of this model is that there is a twinklelator effects loop interface built into the amp which makes the amp sound/feel better, as well as making it much more convenient. This might be the best dumble-type amp made and is famously used by Joe Bonamassa, Mark Tremonti, and others. It's very easy to dial in both a great clean tone as well as a dirty tone, which can be difficult to do with non-HRM circuit types.

-100 Watts via 4X6L6
-3 button footswitch for channel, preamp bypass, and mid boost
-Built in Twinklelator "dumblelator".

$6450 Shipped CONUS

No Trades


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