USA Wins the World Cup!!!


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Jan 6, 2010
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lol, sounds like both sides have room to learn. I hope my post didn't sound critical. Just trying to explain why American have trouble backing soccer.
And as kmk108 mentioned, strategy is alive and well in American sports. Watch closely, and you see the receivers routes, also the blocking patterns, blitz patterns, all designed to create gaps or spaces at just the right time.
We do get the overall movement in basketball, passing it back out, spacing on the court. But I think we accept it because it happens so much faster.

yeah, it's all just the same at the end of the day......i've watch enough American football to know it's a game of strategy also, so i can see where you're coming from.....
i was only yanking the yankie chain with the kick and rush statement..:D
i play table tennis, but my TT partner is rather good, but a fat bastage,
so i have my own strategy when playing him,
i knock the ball left then right then left until he's completely shagged then the game is mine..:naughty:
man i have that guy sweating like a Bagdad suicide bomber...:thumb: