US Sailing Show in Annapolis this weekend


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Oct 13, 2007
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Spent my weekend feeding my non-geetar GAS!

"Best new thang" - Debut of the Eagle Class 53 catamaran by Fast Forward Composites; backed by investor hedge fund financier David Sussman: the vision for this was to make a gentleman's weekender performer-racer / cruiser from high tech materials with a design adapted from the sailing technologies on display in the recent America's Cup AC50, AC72: composite hulls and masts, windsails (this one is hybrid, not total rigid), and hydro-foils.

Of course, it's one of those "if you have to ask" toys!

Other highlights -

- Best of the "big boy boats" Jeanneau 64 Yacht for mono, Kinetic KC6201 for catamaran... I would've like to see a bigger Oyster like the 595 or 675, but they only brought an older 575

- Lagoon 77, stupid-huge! I was looking at the mast height in relation to the vessel size, thinking this must motor-sail more than move under sail... basically never for me. The boat equivalent of a multi-generation / multi-family beach house. Ugh.

- Southerly 480 and Amel 50, my favorite short-handed blue water circumnavigation monos, honorable mention Wauquiez 48

- Garcia Exploration aluminum hull is a dream built for high latitudes

- Antares 44gs, my go-to live aboard my favorite short-handed blue water circumnavigate catamaran...

- Fountaine Pajots, the best catamarans for non-passage, cruising the Caribbean

- Jeanneau Sun Odyssey, best bang for buck monohulls

- Herreshoff H12 1/2, Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co - very cool day-sailing run-about, awesome to see many boutique builders in small day/weekend classes, like Fatty Knees

- Cool new idea: the Tiwal 2 dinghy inflatable sailer meant to take on your sailboat

Yeah, and if you are into sailing YouTubers, I actually ran into them all, either roaming out and about or presenting, etc.

- It appears Outremer's investment in LaVagabonde has some ROI, as the cat was thronged with people waiting in line to tour it and take selfies... Interestingly, Riley, Elayna, and Lenny were NOT aboard, they were across the complex hanging out in their booth, with a few visitors but mostly chill.

- SV Delos, Brian along with Brady presented on live board cruising costs, were around...

- SV Ruby Rose, Nick and Terysa presented on their French canal sojourn and couldn't have been nicer walking about -- or happier to be there

- Cruising Off Duty & Learning the Lines were roaming about, making videos.

Overcast, light breeze, mid-60s to 70... perfect weather to crawl over, around, and inside boats and bash around docks!

Fun times!
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Jan 22, 2010
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that sounds like a good time by the water, hard to go wrong there. plenty of non-boat sights as well i'm guessing.

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