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Feb 2, 2021
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I was at a local UPS Store this afternoon, and while standing in line I had several opportunities to overhear discussions between customers and the staff at the desk.
People-watching is always fun.
Especially when people are obviously not happy in their conversation.

No, I don’t know what the package in question was. I’m guessing, something expensive.
A tall, nerdy, skinny young man I noticed in the line ahead of me was joined by his father (No doubt here, as the resemblance was uncanny) when it was his turn at the counter.
It seems they had shipped a package from this store but it never arrived at its destination.
This was their return trip to the store, and they had already been talking to the staff about the matter. The young woman working for UPS had evidently been on the phone for quite some time with her corporate overlords.

From the pointed, direct, and serious questions that the father was asking, I was able to discern what had happened.

Several days ago, they had shipped a package from this very store. Paid for the shipping, and had the receipt.
When the recipient never got the package, and the tracking number did them no good, the phone calls back-and-forth began.
What the young lady behind the counter offered as an explanation was, yes they had scanned the package in. Yes, it went onto a UPS truck.
But it was never scanned onto the truck.
So, it clearly didn’t get onto the truck. So, this means it is still in do UPS store?
You would think…

No, she swears.
It went on the truck.
It is not in the store.
But it wasn’t scanned onto the truck.
Well, it went onto the truck.
No two ways about it.

OK… :wtf:

The father was asking for the identity of the driver.
“If you’re saying the package is not in the building, and you’re absolutely certain it went on the truck, who was driving the truck?”

Oh, that’s information they cannot share.
But we know it went on the truck.

“OK, if it went ON the truck it must’ve come OFF of the truck somewhere. If you shipped it, it has a tracking number. Did it come off of the truck any place?”

It was never scanned onto the truck.

“Right, you told me that already. But you’re saying it’s not here, and you were absolutely certain that it went on the truck. What happened to it then? Did it disappear into thin fxcking air? Did the driver take it home? Did it wind up on the driveway outside the back door?”

You get the idea…

So, they have no accountability here.
When I was next to the counter, and sent my package, the lady asked me if I wanted a drop off package receipt.
I asked, “So I don’t wind up like the guy before me?”
“Yes,” she said quietly.

So the receipt for shipping your package is not good enough.
I have to have a specific drop-off package receipt to prove that my item was sent?

I am the original free-market, laissez-faire, Adam Smith, capitalist guy.
But these corporations are making it very hard to explain this to people.

This country is going to drown itself in bullshit.

Capitalism is not the problem.
Corporate greed and apathy, and plain old bullshit is the problem.
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May 17, 2013
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My dumb ass BIL still thinks you can get things fixed by yelling, swearing and threatening over the phone. Of course it never works but he's convinced it's the right tactic. It's probably the only tactic he knows.


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Jan 26, 2016
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Easy out....tell customer

"we are trying to locate it as we speak"......and then shut up let the customer yell and scream all they want.....

"its not lost, we just have not located it yet"........:rofl:


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Nov 12, 2015
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My dumb ass BIL still thinks you can get things fixed by yelling, swearing and threatening over the phone. Of course it never works but he's convinced it's the right tactic. It's probably the only tactic he knows.
I usually give them three calm, polite explanations to try to make things right. After that, anything is game. I've got results both ways. I'm not unreasonable, but if there is a logical solution and they're giving me the runaround, the gloves come off.


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Jan 3, 2015
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I've been telling people for CANNOT get good service ANYWHERE anymore. Once businesses have your money, they dont give a shit what happens to you.
I honestly think that is why I do as well as I do selling to the amish. They get my home and cell # ....home # and address..... I am available for issues at any time.


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Oct 1, 2009
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not that i defend UPS but the young woman working at the counter is probably making minimum wage listening to people complain and bitch all day. is it her fault that some POS stole a package? Can she prove or disprove it happened? Can she actually do anything about it? Not likely.

i've seen those sort of situations and it sucks all around- for the customer and for the front line employee left holding the bag.
will the company make it right? maybe or maybe not.
will the guilty party be held responsible? doubtful.


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Sep 30, 2012
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Hope the bought the insurance for it . I would never trust a UPS Store for shipping equipment . but sometimes there is no choice. I would sell o r buy local to be in person at the local police station
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Feb 11, 2009
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Every business in my little city has a help wanted sign in the window, some with a hefty sign on bonus. Yet every business is badly understaffed and service is poor. The real minimum wage here is $15 per hour — and up. Is this a local problem, or have any here noticed the same thing in your area?

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