UPDATE: Finally got my 1st Gibson. Is this normal?


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Jul 4, 2008
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Gibson guitars - the only major brand that salvages more wood cuttings from the factory floor than a vietnamese copy shop!!!!

We make our cheap wood scraps your precious guitar!

Quality like no other major brand!!!
If this was on a "knock off" people would be chiming in with.. "you get what you pay for". Since it's a Gibson it's accepted.


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Jan 9, 2021
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I'm not sure you can return the guitar using non-disclosure of a laminated fretboard. Anyone who can google "2013 gibson fretboard" would be able to see it is a feature of the guitar... it's public knowledge. It's not really something anyone should have to disclose. I have a 13 also, and I can barely see the seam, and it isn't visible in photos. The OPs is much more visible.
I hear what your saying. But does that mean that any guitar buyer should google the specific bridge, neck, tuners, neck plate, fredboard, nut, frets, truss rod, pots, binding, wiring, neck joint, tremolo block, shielding, saddles, and finish for any guitar they consider buying to see if there were factory issues inherent on all individual years 50-2021? Because even this took a good few hours on the forum for someone to put the pieces together. I was unwise, I admit; I just googled "2013 les paul 70's tribute" for issues which of course, all the spec sheets just list a rosewood board. The value of this guitar is less because of something that was not mentioned or displayed at the point of sale. It was priced at the max upper end of what reverb estimates this model/years value even though it'll clearly bring bottom dollar with anyone but unsuspecting internet buyers (not willing to pass that buck). I harbor no resentment towards the seller but he sells a lot of guitars. I've been playing since 90 and never seen this on any guitar so I think it would be odd if an eyebrow wasn't raised after seeing the side of this particular Gibson USA les paul. Take care!!!!

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