Understanding Head/Cab "Ohm" Relation




I currently have a Marshall DSL50 with three outputs. One 16ohm, one 8ohm and ond 4ohm. My 2x12 1936 cab has two inputs. underneath each are respective L+R markings with "16ohm 65w" under each. The right hand input also has "Mono 8ohm 150w" above it.

I know you need to match head/speaker impedance as best you can but I'm having trouble understanding:

In a 2x12 cab, is the mono input only for a single head (such as my setup)? and in what instance would you use the stereo inputs and how? Would it be to run two heads into the the same cabinet (one in through each speaker) or otherwise?

I'm thinking about building a 2x12 modelled on an orange 2x12 with vintage 30's. and with a Thunder 30 head it has switchable 8 and 16ohm outputs..

What inputs would I be looking to put into the cab? Would I just be wiring up two 8ohm speakers in series to create a 16ohm cab and use the 16ohm output? what are my other options on speaker imedance and input options when wiring up the cab?

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