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Jan 1, 2015
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For sale is my Marshall origin 20 combo in mint condition, hardly used.
Comes with foot switch and original packaging.£200 including shipping


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Jan 16, 2010
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FOR SALE: Fender EVH Striped Series Black/White Prototype.

I am selling the black/white EVH Striped Series prototype which was used at the 2013 NAMM in the USA and at the 2013 Musikfest in Germany.

I bought this guitar from a Fender employee who i knew a few years ago. He added a coil-split on the bridge pickup which is operated by a chrome switch next to the volume knob.

It has Dunlop black Straplocks fitted (i have the original strap buttons).

This guitar is in excellent condition and it is light at about 7.5 lbs.

This is the guitar used in the EVH Striped Series advert and it is the guitar on the EVH Gear website.

Being the prototype, it may well have been built in the Fender USA Plant and it may have even been played by the great man himself.

If you look on youtube at 2013 NAMM EVH videos, you can see a couple of this very guitar being played.


Please contact me on 01275 464057 or 07866 627083.

EVH NAMM 2013 a.jpg
EVH NAMM 2013 b.jpg
EVH NAMM 2013 c.jpg
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Herr Dalbergia

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Nov 24, 2012
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i am in search for a Gibson Les Paul. I am a guitarmaker and for already quite a while also a Gibson Fan Boy. The guitar is not for me, but for a very good friend. Normally he is playing a super Strat built by me, but he know fell in love with the idea of playing a Les Paul, and of course I support this wish and and want to try helping him to find his Gibson.

You will need to ship the guitar to either the Netherlands or Germany. We are willing to buy from you as long as you are located in the EU. Due to custom and shipping expenses , unfortunately we are not so much interested into buying from outside the EU, but if you have THAT perfect match willing to sell.....let me know.

What are we searching:

-Gibson Les Paul Made in USA, sorry no Tokai, ESP, Epiphone etc.
-No solid color, so no Les Paul Custom...sorry! A Goldtop might work....not yet sure about that....
-Flamed maple top or plain top, flamed maple preferred.
-57 58 59 neck profile, please no 60 slim taper, so earlie 90ies Classics are very great guitars, but these necks are too thin.....sorry!
-Swiss chees body from the early nineties is OK, chambered or modern weight relief is not wanted
- no Studio, Ultima, Special, Junior
- we actually search a R8 or R9 or an early 90ies Standard. A later standard might also work, depending on the year built and the according specifications

what we also accept without any problems:
- broken headstock NO PROBLEM, as long as repaired from a guy who knows what titebond is....
- worn down frets
- missing or changed hardware
- worn or damaged finish
- modifications, damages, non original case, missing COA etc....

we are not necessarily searching a bargain, but it would be nice to have a great guitar with issues which i can fix for him or he is willing to deal with.

the guitar should be not too heavy.....3.8 to 4.0 kg would be great, 4.0 to 4.5 acceptable. Heavier Les Pauls, think Norlin, might also work, but not really wanted.

PayPal, Bank Transfer, cash by pick up, all no problem, money is ready available,
price range is anything from 1000€ to 2000€ possible.
if you have THE deal, for example a damaged CC or whatever, we can pay also more...

So....let them come ....

thank you cheers, alex


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Jul 20, 2008
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Selling my 2008 Gibson Custom Non-Reverse Firebird. All stock apart from moving the strap button to the heel where it balances better. Comes with original case, COA, etc.

Up on the usual sites (eBay / Reverb) for £2399 but there’s definitely a deal to be done here. Lots more pictures available of course.

Looking to clear enough for a decent digital piano for my son with enough left over to pick up a small guard SG (’61 reissue or certain early 2000s Standards, I think?) for myself. So if you have one of those to trade I’m definitely interested!