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May 15, 2020
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So, after buying the Suhr reactive load box on 'tone' abilities,. i realised its one omission for me was an attenuator. Something i sacrificed in order to keep costs down. So, after reading about sticking 6v6 tubes in the dsl20, it got me thinking it might make for a good home volume level option. With the slight volume drop from lower power tubes and an attenuated output might be worth a go. So I reread the previous replies i had to my questions and settled on the two note captor, with the -20db output option.

Oh boy, would have saved myself the £300 I spent on the suhr, I can get the master volume to around 1/2 way on the dsl 20, with no loss of the amps sound quality through attenuator, and still have a good in room sound without deafening myself , I enjoyed my experiments with that into the 10 inch creamback cab.

I then plugged the box between the friedman pt20 and the 1972 pulsonic greenback, in my home brewed 2x12 box, 46cmx70cm x 24cm and holy shit, everything you guys have advised, suggested, and explained suddenly clicked. Listening on headphones, via a IR loader pedal, yeah, sounded good, no Digital fizziness, but, That amp, at sensible room volumes, master at 4, revealed a bass response that the IR cabs completely ignored, and left me thinking f******* hell, that sounds like a big amp through a big cab, and i can still hear myself talk when she asks do i want a coffee. On turning the volume up to 6, yes a bit more volume, but much more good stuff, which i won't embarrass myself by trying to describe.

End result is at half the price of the Suhr, for me this little ol' 16ohm load box is the perfect cure home playing through a real amp and speakers.

P.S. the el34's are going back in the dsl20 as i found a stupidly low priced dsl15 locally.
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