Tweed Deluxe Chasis (EU Voltage) 6L6 modded + extra tubes (In Europe)


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Oct 7, 2009
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Tweed Deluxe point-to-point clone, made by Ceriatone. It has the correct larger transformer to take 6L6 tubes (like Neil Young's Tweed Deluxe), which pushes the output to around 22 watts, which is plenty to play live with. It is also ok to crank on it's own to get that natural tweed grind, without blowing the walls down!

The amp also has a standby switch, and a switch for 8 or 16 Ohm output, so you can plug this into a 4x12, if you like. :)

It also has two outputs for speakers, so if you put this in a combo cab, then you could also drive another external cab if needed

I'm also including a spare set of tubes, as the amp I'm going for doesn't use 6L6s...the extra set is lightly used. The main tube set is all JJ tubes throughout, with plenty of life left.

the tubes included are:

one full set JJs - 2 x 6L6 , 2 x ECC83S, 1 x GZ34S
extra set: 2 x Tung-Sol 6L6, 1 x Sovtek 5AR4, 1 x Electro Harmonix 12AY7EH, 1 x JJ ECC83S

Now for the bad stuff...well, it's not really bad, but I had to enlarge the holes on the chasis, when I mounted it onto my old cab. I did this because I couldn't find any correct screws and I was too lazy to order the proper ones online :-['s no big deal, but it's there. Once you put this into a cab, the cab cover it, and you never see it again...but do check the pics to get an idea.

Secondly, the main channel has a scratchy volume's not too bad, but it is there. It probably needs a spray of contact cleaner, but I don't have any. :(

This amp has never been gigged or left my house, so it is in great shape...also It is EU voltage, so no step-down transformer is necessary

price for the amp + the tubes is £350 + shipping to wherever you are

and now, for the pics to give you an idea of the overall condition...








rightio, that's that...PM me :)


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