TV Jones T-Armond and T90 pickups with medal casing/surround


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Mar 25, 2007
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Have a guitar with these two pickups installed.

While doing some work, couple of wires (white and green one that's paired with black one, not a separate green one) broke off from the 3 way selector switch.
Put them back on correctly I think and now I'm noticing increase in buzz/hum noise when I touch the metal casings/surrounds of the pickups, pickup height adjustment screws, and the pole pieces of the pickups as if I'm touching the end of a guitar cable that's plugged into an amp.
Didn't notice this noise, certainly not the increase in volume like this, before I opened it up to do some work and inadvertently yanked those wires from the switch.

Do I have grounding issue and need to resolder either the white or the green wire?
Or is this how these pickups are with the metal casings/surrounds?
When not touching anything the noise/hum level is similar to other P90 guitar I have except a little louder.
When I touch the pickup covers, height adjustment screws or pole pieces of the buckers in my les pauls, I don't get noises like that.
Any thoughts?

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