Tutorial: How to Showcase and Review Your Gear!


Nov 25, 2016
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Go here https://www.mylespaul.com/showcase/. There is also a tab that says "Showcase" in the navigation.

There are two separate steps. First you can add an item. Then you can rate/review that item.

Adding an Item
From the showcase page, click the Add Item button. If you are on a specific category page, the Add item button will say "Add Guitar" or "Add Amplifier" etc. On the main showcase page it says "Add Item"


The first field is the tags. Please add as many descriptive tags as you like. One tag is required.

The next field is description. Here put the exact name of the product.

The first field is General Information. This field is for the specs of the product you are adding. All the factory options, images of the product (preferably manufacturer images), and if you want you could even embed a youtube video if one exists from the manufacturer.

The key is to add all general information. Why? Because the item that you are adding can be used by multiple people to then create a review AFTER you submit it.

If you are adding a guitar, the next field will be customizations, for any custom orders when you bought the product and any customizations you made after purchasing the product. Pickups, strings you have, tuners, etc.

For all other nonguitar products that is it. You save it and your item has been added.

Rating/Reviewing an Item
This is the section where we want to suggest that your actual review of the item go. Including all opinions, personal youtube videos, personal images, and any commentary. You will be able to also give the item a star rating. Other users will also be able to submit a review of the item. After you submit your item, go to your item's page and a button will appear that says


You can add Pros and Cons (optional), a star rating, and then there is a box for your review. In your review section, we encourage you to use this place for any personal images you have and any personal videos you want to provide along with the actual review.

Automatically, when you create an item, a discussion forum thread will be created about your item in this forum.

That is basically it. If you have questions let me know. I hope you enjoy the section!

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