Traded.....Make offer or trade offer...B&G Little Sister Crossroads single cut semi hollow. Trades considered. P90s? Godin Summit? Edwards? Burny?


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Mar 26, 2007
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I recently bought something I had not planned on so it`s time to raise some cash.
If you have been considering this guitar, make a legitimate cash offer(no low ball, I don`t NEED to sell).

As much as I love this guitar it is not getting played(my 2 Les pauls get my attention).
if it does not sell or get traded I will not lose any sleep.
i just can`t justify it sitting unplayed.
before you think "I don`t want the IMPORT version, there is no US version.
They are based in Israel and their main line guitars are custom built and are $3500.
This is Chinese and sells new for $1500+.
Looking for $1050 shipped/paypaled CONUS ONLY
It is a black guitar and is a dust magnet. The flecks you see are dust after I cleaned it.
They make their own pickups.

Mainly looking for cash but some trade interests:
Godin Summit
MIJ(History/Edwards/Burny, etc) LP singlecut with P90s or buckers but P90s preferred.
Gibson LP/Special/Tribute with P90s.
Gibson Blueshawk.
+/- cash as needed.

NOTHING with a wraptail or Floyd.
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